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Ongoing Maintenance

Sustaining your contracts and credentials is essential to the efficient running of your medical practice. Our ongoing maintenance services guarantee that your certifications are current and that your contracts are effectively negotiated and maintained, freeing you to concentrate on delivering first-rate patient care.

Our services include:

Credentialing Updates:

We regularly update your credentials with insurance companies, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to ensure that you are always credentialed and ready to provide care.

Contract Negotiation:

We negotiate contracts with insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible reimbursement rates and terms.

Contract Management:

We manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle, ensuring that they are renewed on time and that any changes are negotiated effectively.

Compliance Monitoring:

We monitor your compliance with credentialing and contracting requirements, ensuring that you are always in good standing with payers and healthcare organizations.

Provider Enrollment:

We assist with provider enrollment for new locations or services, ensuring that you can expand your practice with ease.

Tailored Solutions:

American Elite Billing is aware that no two medical facilities are similar. They provide solutions that are specifically designed to meet the objectives and demands of every practice.

Fee Schedule Analysis:

In the event of a contract dispute, we work with payers to resolve the issue quickly and effectively, minimizing disruption to your practice.

Contract Dispute Resolution:

We analyze fee schedules to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue and identify opportunities for improvement.

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